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2017 President’s Report

The Year 2017 was another good year for your Association. KCFAPI registered favorable increase in insurance contributions, lower operating expense ratio and solid financial results. Our wholly-owned and majority-owned companies continue to grow organically their business operations. With these results, our two Foundations were able to remain steadfast in their commitment to national development by sending to school poor but deserving students and more seminarians to pursue their religious studies.  read more »

President's Message: God's call for reflection

Even before the season of Advent begins, the signs of Christmas are already around us. We are filled with joy and excitement thinking of what gifts to buy for family and friends. We start decorating our houses with lights, a glittering Christmas tree and at times, a "Belen" - the scene of the Nativity.  read more »

Remembering the Saints and Our Departed Loved Ones

All Saints Day and All Souls Day are two occasions that are observed by the whole country as a holiday to give time for people to visit their dead relatives in the cemetery. This practice is not just among Catholics because the occasion is also an opportunity for families to get together with relatives they see only once a year.  read more »



The year in retrospect, saw the country successfully register a bright economic growth rate making its mark as the third fastest growing economy in Asia. The insurance industry however was on a different trend. In the first nine months of the year, the industry went on a slow down especially with life insurance companies in terms of total premiums. The slowdown however did not perturb your Association’s strong financial stability and remained resolute to its commitment to provide a secure future for us, brother knights and our families.  read more »

2013 President's Report


In 2013, the country continued to foster a phenomenal economic growth rate of 7.2% that boosted business and consumer confidence especially in the insurance industry.  The year however, was not without its ups and downs. Political scandals and natural calamities threatened to undermine the economic gains from the past years.  The unprecedented devastation wrought by super typhoon “Yolanda” and other natural calamities that battered the Visayas region in some way shaved off some of these gains by the end of the year.  Yet, despite these adversities, the country continued to show a positive trend in economic growth and a bright future for the industry.  read more »

2012 President’s Report


2012 was when the country reaped the benefits of a sound economic program and fostered a promising economic outlook for 2013. For Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc. (KCFAPI), it was another excellent year as it continued to surpass its goal with its cutting edge benefits and services to Knights of Columbus members and families.  read more »



The year 2011 is another banner year for the Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc. (KCFAPI). Inspired by its founder, Fr. George J. Willmann, SJ, your Association successfully attained its objectives for the benefit of its members and the benevolent causes it supports.  read more »

2010 President's Report


The Philippines has been performing well in the previous years despite the effects of the global recession in 2008. The year 2010 was yet another challenging year as the country experienced decline in the agriculture sector due to El Niño and diminished government spending. However, the Philippines managed to perform remarkably as it ended with a record high GDP growth of 7.3% from 1.1% in 2009. Record growth rates in foreign trade, election related stimuli, overseas Filipino workers’ remittances and renewed trust in government are some of the contributors to the country’s economic performance.  read more »

2009 President’s Report


In the face of uncertainties and anxieties brought about by the previous year’s global recession, the Philippine economy generally weathered the challenges of 2009 better than its regional peers. This was mainly due to the country’s minimal exposure to securities issued by troubled global financial institutions and its low dependence on exports. Likewise, its relatively resilient domestic consumption, supported by large remittances from millions of overseas Filipino workers, and a growing business process outsourcing industry were the attributions for the nation’s performance.  read more »

2008 President's Report

SK Antonio B. Borromeo

The year 2008 marks an important milestone of Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc. as it commemorates its 50th year of being faithful and true to the vision of the Association’s founders – Rev. Fr. George J. Willmann, S.J., and the 64 founder-members composed of Knights of Columbus councils and brother knights. It is also the year the global economy experienced one of the greatest downfalls that did not spare even the biggest corporate players in the industry. Despite the heavy barriers, KCFAPI ended the year with commendable feat. It is then my honor and privilege to share with you the highlights of performance of your Association in celebration of its 50 years of fraternal service.  read more »

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