Testimonial Dinner for the Supreme Court Associate Justice Jose C. Reyes Jr. held

Newly appointed: SC Associate Justice Jose C. Reyes, Jr. with the State Deputies and State OfficersNewly appointed: SC Associate Justice Jose C. Reyes, Jr. with the State Deputies and State Officers

During the testimonial dinner for the newly appointed Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, Justice Jose C. Reyes, Jr., held last September 27, 2018 at the Manila Hotel the following distinguished Knights of Columbus Officers gave their testimonies:

In the homily of Msgr. Pedro C. Quitorio III, Asst. State Chaplain of both Luzon North and South Jurisdictions, he remembered that together with Brian Caulfield they sought the advice of Justice Joey regarding an important matter. Bro. Joey asked them to Pray to the Holy Spirit for guidance. This advice can never be forgotten by the two since it assisted them resolve the problem. Msgr. Pepe also mentioned, among others, that Bro. Joey has shown much concern for the priests. He always talks about how to help the KC priests or to assist the clergy in their daily work.

Bro. Alonso L. Tan, immediate past Supreme Director, gave his testimony to Bro. Justice Joey by sharing their experience in 1999 in Boston where they attended the Supreme Convention. They were to be given awards as Outstanding District Deputies during that time. They shared their room to a couple who couldn’t get a room and so they had to sleep on the same bed. The experience solidified their friendship even more. He added that Bro. Joey’s leadership qualities were already noticed by the previous state deputies. In June 2007, Bro. Alon was instructed by the Supreme Knight to amicably settle a brewing issue of brother knights called Group 89 and to ensure that no case is brought to court. With the big help of Bro. Joey and the late Bro. Ed Lacsi, the problem was solved.

The next officer who gave tribute to the honoree was Bro. Anthony P. Nazario, Visayas State Deputy. He said that being the youngest State Deputy has its advantage since he is treated as a “son”. He sees Bro. Joey as an inspiration. Bro. Joey always attends to the invitation given to him to talk during the Visayas Jurisdiction activities. Bro. Joey is a very loving husband who leads a simple life. Bro. Anthony asked everyone to pray for the honoree and thanked him for the love/warm friendship.

Bro. Gerry T. Mission, the Mindanao State Deputy, looks at Bro. Joey as a “father” who is very supportive. As he had been appointed as State Deputy only last April 2018, he has always sought the advice of Bro. Joey. In his testimony, he recounted the help of Bro. Joey accorded to him and his wife during one travel to the U.S. where their luggage was lost. It was the first trip of his wife to the USA. He said that despite the status of Bro. Joey, he remained to be a simple and humble person. After which, Bro. Mission rendered a heartfelt song entitled “One Friend”.

Retired Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr. gave his testimony saying that this is the time for Bro. Joey to harvest since he had been planting in the vineyard of justice and had been waiting patiently for his appointment to the highest court of the land, the Supreme Court. Bro. Joey is most qualified to be an Associate Justice with his proven honesty, independence, competence, probity and integrity. His appointment is justice to Joey and justice to the Supreme Court. He said that the testimonial is not only for Bro. Joey but also for his wife, Sis. Ofie, since Bro. Joey couldn’t achieve so much without the support of his loving wife. The testimony is also for the Order of the Knights of Columbus which Bro. Joey is a member and is the Luzon North State Deputy and Supreme Director. In the 117 history of the Supreme Court, there has only been 2 Knights of Columbus members who were appointed as Chief Justice and now 2 KofC members who were appointed as Associate Justice, Bro. Joey being one of them. He ended his testimony by saying “Our pride, the name Joey.”

A gentleman and a father: With his family and Former Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr.A gentleman and a father: With his family and Former Chief Justice Hilario G. Davide, Jr.Finally, Sis. Ofelia Reyes gave her testimony to her husband. She revealed a secret they have as husband and wife and that is she is the no. 1 critic of Bro. Joey. She said that Bro. Joey amongst a lot of things have two good things she will expound on. Bro. Joey has two virtues which put together is difficult to accomplish and they are: Leadership and Humility. Bro. Joey is a gentleman, cautious in word and actions. Her husband is soft spoken and shy but despite that he was awarded as an Outstanding Student Leader of San Beda University. As a Court of Appeals Justice, the justices are looked up as “gods of Padre Faura” but for Bro. Joey he remains to be humble and continues to be spiritual. Bro. Joey is a good leader and good things happen if you are a good leader. He is also a very participative husband to their 3 growing children and a real partner as a parent. Bro. Joey had no vices and he had time for various spiritual and civic organizations. When they found out that Bro. Joey was appointed as Associate Justice, they were so happy most especially because a lot of people who were praying for this to happen were also very happy making it a euphoric experience for them. She ended by saying everything is Grace, grace from God.

The honoree, Associate Justice Jose C. Reyes, Jr., responded to the testimonies he received. He said it was like a eulogy, so, he already knows what people think of him. He thanked the Holy Spirit because it was due to the power of the Holy Spirit that his prayers were answered. He thanked the President because the President returned “judicial careerism” to the justice system which is the policy of seniority. Bro. Joey rose from the ranks from being an ordinary lawyer of the Supreme Court and has now come full circle as an Associate Justice of the same court. He said it was like a novena because he was nominated 9 times and was bypassed 8 times. It was on his ninth nomination that he was finally appointed. He gives glory to God and thanked Bro. Davide because it was Bro. Davide who encouraged him to apply as Justice of the Court Appeals and he knows that Bro. Davide was also instrumental in his appointment. He also thanked Bro. Alon and everyone who prayed for his appointment. He said his appointment was a celebration of the love of God and he will continue to grow the Order and to evangelize as what the Supreme Knight is espousing.

At the end of the testimonies, the Knights of Columbus Fraternal Association of the Philippines, Inc.’s President and Luzon South State Deputy, Bro. Ramoncito A. Ocampo, led the toast for the Honoree for his good health and to do his job well in the Supreme Court. He then gave the closing remarks. He said that what he has which is similar to the honoree is that he was also bypassed 3 x (heart bypass) while Bro. Joey was bypassed 8 x (appointment). He has known the honoree to be a leader, a humble leader. He congratulated Bro. Joey and reminded him to continue to serve the Filipino people and the Knights of Columbus. He thanked everyone who came to give their testimonies and attended the dinner in honor of Bro. Jose C. Reyes, Jr., Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. (MGFlores)

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