Medical Ultrasound Mission

Council 12732 of Saint Francis of Assisi Parish Dumanjug, Cebu, sponsored the First Ultrasound Mission in the Visayas for The Knights of Columbus last March 25, 2017. The Culture of Life event was co-sponsored by two Districts, V-30 and V-31 encompassing six councils.

Seven doctors and two nursing students made up the Medical Mission Team. The Ultrasound Machine was purchased by the Visayas State Council for over Php550,000.00.

Forty-four pregnant women signed up for the event. However, 76 showed up for the tests. With the enormous attendance, the 68 volunteer knights and medical team worked well and passed the planned termination time. Chairman Asa Esguerra’s great planning went-off like clockwork and ladies emerged from their check-up with huge smiles exclaiming “It’s a boy” or “It’s a girl”!

The local Municipal Health Officer (Dr. Josefina Malana) mentioned that several of her patients got accurate due dates from the ultrasound results. In the past, they normally presume the expectant mother’s delivery date. She felt this project launched by the Knights of Columbus in Visayas was very helpful. (Rocky Cheadle)

Father of Knights of Columbus in the Philippines


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